Token Airdrops

One of our main functions or utilities is Token Airdrops. This function is divided into two mechanisms: Reflective System and Staking Rewards.

Reflective System

The reflective system applied in the $CLAN Token automatically rewards all holders with a % of all transactions. In other words, if 1,000,000 $CLAN are moved in a transaction, $CLAN Tokens will be distributed in percentage and equally among the holders; The more $CLAN tokens you hold, the higher percentage you will receive.

Staking Rewards

Staking rewards is one of the most important functions of the ecosystem, if not the most important.

The staking rewards system consists of the user being able to opt for a series of contracts where they can deposit their $CLAN tokens and receive tokens from other projects for free.

The tokens to be distributed will be tokens from partners celebrated with CLAN or they can even be projects of interest chosen by the community where CLAN will buy a well to distribute among its community.

(The official $CLAN staking contracts will not be subject to taxes or fees)

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